Tony Blaire ( First Source ) Essays

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Among these two sources that I have briefly explained, I believe that Tony Blaire (first source) is the better source because it goes more in depth as to explaining hunger, how to fix the problem, and as it’s doing both of those things it also connects with you emotionally. By adding all of these three things Tony makes a good argument on how educating the people who are struggling with having food on the table would help them more than just handing food over. Blaire adds into her paper her on ethical standpoint by saying, “.... we must balance this sense of urgency with the right investments for the long-term.” (Blair, 2011) When she puts her beliefs in her paper it makes it stronger because she is putting her effort into trying to figure out what we can do to try to fix the problem. When she says that, “We believe that with support for leaders like President Koroma and Kofi Boa, the solutions to global hunger are as likely to come from inside Africa as they are to be imported from the developed world.” By adding this in the essay, it shows that a few countries can’t be the only ones trying to solve this problem if the leaders of that country doesn’t help do anything as well. She is also saying by everyone helping out we could also end the hunger phenomenon. “World agricultural output will need to increase 70% by 2050 to feed our growing global population.” (Blaire, 2011) Blaire uses statistics to prove that things need to speed up in order to get to the end goal of…

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