Toms Father Is Absent Most Of His Life Essay

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Toms father is absent most of his life. Tom has to adjust to the life without a father which can be quite hard. Tom was forced to take the role as a father. He grew up without being able to have a dad to talk too about how manhood worked or someone to talk too about boy problems. Tom didn’t have a man in his life to love him. He was raised to keep all of his problems bottled up and didn’t know how to share love or to love someone without being mean. Tom grew up without a man to help him through the tough times in his life. His mom was unstable so he pretty much grew up by himself and had to deal with problems on his own instead of asking for help or advice. Tom had things planned out and how he wanted to live his life but his mom had different plans for him. They argued a lot and didn 't agree on anything. Living without a dad would be very hard. That means you would not have anyone to talk too about boy problems or how to show respect towards people. Tom got tired of the nagging by his mom and sister and debated leaving them and running away to pursue his dreams. But Tom could not leave he ended up staying and committing himself to the warehouse and work there. But after awhile he realized that he needed to escape to save himself not out of selfishness. Without his dad there he was looked u too as the father. But he did not like that. He couldn’t take the nagging and be pressured to everything his mom 's way. He felt not freedom. is mom was trying to take over…

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