Tomorrow's leader term paper

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Part A:

How to become an effective leader? Perhaps you may have to possess at least one of the attributes. In this paper, interpersonal communication would be discussed and elaborated.

Interpersonal communication has a great deal of definitions. It is defined as an interactive face-to-face process between two people, in which one’s personal characteristics, relationship with another and social status can be reflected (Hartley, 1993). However, on the other hand, some experts express interpersonal communication as a process, which gives everyone an equal opportunity to influence one another, under the situation that everyone endeavors to sway the others (Emmert, 1984).

From the above two definitions, we know that interpersonal
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I remembered that when someone asked me some academic knowledge, I always shouted at my classmates and laughed at them for the reason that they were silly. As a result, they began to leave me alone and I did not make any friends in my primary school life.

It is not only happened in my school life, it happened in my family life too. When I was answering my dad’s or mum’s questions, I used to answer them with an impolite tone that seem to be thinking that my dad and mum is annoying, which always made them feel angry. As mentioned in some articles, facial expression is a kind of non-verbal communication, in which I am especially weak at. I was not good at observing their facial expression and I continued to be happy and giggling, which further make them wrathful. Since I was not good at speculating their faces, I always create a nervous atmosphere in the daily life. Later on, my mum had consulted the doctor and began to teach me different types of communication skills.

Firstly, my mum taught me to observe people’s facial expression via giving me different kinds of dramas and through some practices. As time passes, I start to know when to stop my smiling face and ridiculing speech so as to stop further conflicts between me and my father.

Secondly, since I have mentioned I treat my classmates rudely, I had no friends in my primary school. To rectify this issue, my mum had decided to let me learn taking care of others’ feelings in the conversation as

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