To Trust The Belief Of Others Essay

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To Trust the Belief of Others, Based on Trust
In this essay I shall assess the following argument and analyze how defensible it is as a valid and sound argument: It is reasonable to regard other people as generally trustworthy. The majority of other people believe in God. Therefore it is reasonable to trust that belief (and hence adopt it ourselves). Immediately it is clear that there are some questionable claims in the premises. These include whether or not it actually is reasonable to assume others are trustworthy, and whether or not the majority of other people really do believe in God. When looking at the argument, the first thing one has to notice is whether or not the argument can be defended as valid or not. In order to do so, we must analyze the first premise.
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If someone were to ask for directions to a location, they would assume that the answer given to them would be true, according to this premise. It then also seems reasonable that it is alright to consider that people do not have a reason to lie. However, it is also reasonable to think that people may genuinely believe what they are telling someone is true when it is in fact not. In this case, it seems that the possibility of someone purposely lying to someone is a less-likely occurrence than purposively trying to help them. Because this argument is very vague, I will say that the first premise is defensible as it is written, but when specified, it would only be considered true if and only if multiple people had given the same answer to a question with a definite answer in order to show how truthful people ‘generally’

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