To Kill A Mockingbird Personal Narrative

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My kids thought that I was useless. I couldn’t do anything. I wasn’t as cool as the other dads around town. I knew that I was old. I knew that my kids thought I couldn’t do anything and I had no special talents. I knew.
“He was much older than the parents of our school contemporaries, and there was nothing Jem and I could say about him when our classmates said, ‘My father-’,” said Scout. My children said that I didn’t do anything. I worked in the office and not in the drugstore. I didn’t drive a dump truck and I wasn’t a sheriff. I did not farm. I did not work in a garage. I didn’t do anything that could arouse the admiration of anyone. I was considered uncool by my children. I never went hunting or played poker or went fishing. I didn’t gamble
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Cal called my office and started frantically shouting that there was a mad dog roaming down the street and told me to get home now. Heck Tate, the sheriff of Maycomb County, and I raced down to my children in a black Ford. We jumped out of the car and ran to my children. We saw the dog roaming closer and closer into the Radley house. It seemed to have a purpose as it was trying to walk straight. I could see the fear in everyone's eyes. Stephanie Crawford and Miss Maudie appeared at the window and watched. I could smell the fear in everyone’s breath. It was a terrifying moment as we all watched the mad dog roaming in the deserted, waiting street. Tim was moving quite slowly and we could see him shiver, watching his jaw open and close. We saw him reach the side street in front of the Radley house, and saw him try to turn his old body around. Heck Tate handed me the rifle and told me to shoot. I could see the surprise and shock in my children’s eyes. Everyone watched me as I took the rifle and I walked closer to the crazy old dog. This was the moment that I could either prove my children wrong or it was the time that I would miss. I concentrated on the barrell, slowing pulling the trigger. I brought the gun to my shoulder and shot. Crack! I saw Tim flop over, lying there …show more content…
If he was proud of it, he’da told us.” To this day, they still didn’t know why I had kept this secret from them. I was a gentlemen, and I had a purpose of not telling my kids about my little talent.
Jem shouted, “Atticus is a gentlemen, just like me.”
I was a gentlemen, and I knew that this was a very rare talent. I didn’t boast about it. I read at home like an old man. My kids knew me as an old man who didn’t know how to do anything. Now, they think of me differently. They wanted to know how I did it. They wanted me to know why I didn’t tell them. I had kept quite a big secret.
Still, I am Atticus Finch. No matter my talents, I am still Atticus Finch. Just because I have the deadest shot in Maycomb County doesn’t mean that I’m not a nigger lover. I am still a lawyer. I am still a nigger lover. I still believe that everyone deserves the same rights. I am still Atticus Finch. I may be old, but I am who I am. I hope my children have learned a lesson from that day. Just because you have a talent doesn’t mean you have to boast about it. You are still yourself. It doesn’t matter what you can or cannot do. You are yourself, and you can’t change

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