To Kill A Mockingbird Book Vs Movie Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee and the 1962 movie, had many differences in the ways they were shown to us in the book and movie. One of the ways, is that most of the movie is told in the point of view of Jem unlike the book which is narrated by Scout. The other is about how Mrs. Dubose role in the book and movie are completely different, because in the movie she is just some crazy old lady that the kids would walk by. Also In the book, she used to show how atticus discipled his kids. These are just some differences between the 1962 movie and the book. The book and the movie are shown to us in different ways. Scout is the main character being told about to the audience in the book, but Jem is the main character in the movie. In the movie, Jem is the one that finds the items in the knot hole in the tree. In the book, …show more content…
Dubose is a big part in the book that was not a big role in the movie. In the movie she is the lady that was a morphine addict and Jem wrecks her bushes, but in the movie she is just some crazy lady that was barely talked about. Without Mrs. Dubose in the movie we don’t see Atticus’s belief of punishment and doing what is right, because he makes Jem go read to her every day for a punishment for ruining her bushes. In the movie we don’t get to see side from Atticus, because she is hardly involved in it. I feel this is a big part missing in the movie. I feel the Filmmaker decided to cut Mrs. Dubose part out for the most part, because they may have thought that part may not be necessary to show the discipline side of Atticus.

These two ways were some of the many ways that I notice the book and the movie were different. Mrs. Dubose seemed to show Atticus’s side of punishment, but it does not really show Mrs. Dubose in the movie. Also with telling the book from Scout’s point of view compared to telling from Jem’s point of view in the movie. These were some of the biggest differences that was able to notice between the movie and the

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