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Marketing Management
In our view the disassociation of the Sonata brand from the parent Titan and its further association with TATA was a well long term planned strategy, as the association of Sonata built in quite strong with Titan and Titan in Indian context is synonymous with Watches thus a strong association of Sonata with the watches segment developed. But as we have seen that the sonata has been cannibalizing the Titan sub-brands, whether this strategy is able to bring back the style image of Titan back. This all exercise leads to the conclusion that Titan is on a path of Fortification
* Segmentation based on user category: * Secondary Information and
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Tough competition is anticipated between the low priced variants introduced by the organized sector and the unorganized sector. Watch consumption in India is 20 units per thousand persons. The top 23 cities account for 80% of the watches sold in India, which therefore leaves a lot of scope for penetration in the “rural towns”. Three players dominate the organized sector, HMT (34% market share), Titan (39%) and Timex (23%). Besides HMT, Titan and Timex several companies like Westar, Shivaki, Maxima, Bifora and SITCO made a bid for the Indian watch market. Liberalization has brought with it a host of brands for the Indian market, viz. Piguet, Cartier, Christian Dior, Omega, Raymond Weil, Rolex, and Tissot. Segmentation of Indian Watch industry
Based on price
Mass (Rs.350-600),
Popular (Rs.600-900),
Premium (Rs.900-1500),
Super-premium (Rs.1500-8000)
Connoisseur segments (above Rs.8000)

Mass Market (Rs 350 - 600):
This segment represents the low end users and the rural market. Basic characteristic of this market is low margin and high volume.
HMT brands in this price range: Lalit, Chetan , Chetak, Rajat, Kedar, Ravi, Kohinoor and shakti
Titan is with: Basics, Aqura, and Sonata Popular Watches (Rs.600-900):
This segment is slightly above the mass market segment. Somya and Tennax from HMT targets college going men and women who see themselves as

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