Tiredness Essay

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Many students struggle just to keep a c in some classes, while others just don 't show up for those classes. This generates problems for the students not just now but in their future as well. Many of these students don 't make these decisions by choice; they can 't help it because they are tired due to sleep deprivation. Forces other than tiredness may be at work too, but tiredness has the biggest impact. These problems have some simple but hard to put in place solutions. If we target the causes of these problems rather than the effects then dealing with them becomes potentially easier.

These problems affect not only the present of the student but also their future, therefore something must be done to fix them. Many students find it difficult
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When a student is deprived of sleep they are more likely to perform lower academically and decrease in attendance. (CDC, 2015). Many people do not think sleep deprivation causes such a big issue either because they believe students get enough sleep or that they can catch up with it on week ends. Actually the average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep and the average student needs a half an hour to an hour and a half more than that (AAP, 2014). This means that they should be getting more sleep than adults, but because they are going through puberty their internal clocks are different. Their bodies are set to stay up late and sleep in, but they must wake up early for school. Most students find it difficult to achieve the minimum amount of sleep they need and they average around 7 hours of sleep. (Lewis, 2016). So students do not get the amount of sleep they need, but what about catching up on it during weekends. In a study done by the Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine it was found that “a week of partial sleep deprivation impairs a wide range of cognitive functions, subjective alertness, and mood even in high-performing high school adolescents. Some measures do not recover fully even after 2 nights of recovery sleep.” (SLEEP, 2016). This means that students are unable to just catch up on their missed sleep by sleeping in on the weekends. Lack of sleep is a …show more content…
Sleep is necessary for “normal health, development, and academic performance in children” (Dahl 2005). Earlier in this essay were possible health problems that a lack of sleep could cause, such problems as anxiety, obesity, and diabetes. Also when students don 't sleep enough their brains function below normal and improperly. The tiredness causes them to be slower and less alert. Sleep is valuable to help students remain alert and vigilant. As it was mentioned earlier in paragraph two a lack of sleep leads to an increased likelihood of crashes due to drowsiness (AAP, 2014). However an adequate amount of sleep would help to decrease the amount of teen car crashes. The study by the University of Minnesota found that there was a seventy percent decrease in the amount of student crashes at Jackson Hole High school which was given the latest starting time of the eight schools tested (8:55 a.m.). (University of Minnesota, 2014). A later start time would allow students to get more sleep, allowing them to be healthier and

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