Tired Of The Bull Essay

The political party name is “Tired of the Bull.” This name is chosen because this seems to be the feeling of the American voters and the American people mostly myself. Candidate’s have made promises to the people and not kept them. While the government fights amongst themselves, they continue to hold up progress. An example of this would be the healthcare debate, everyone needs healthcare, without it health care cost would continue to be out of control and people would not get treated because of the lack of health care insurance. Since many people cannot afford health insurance, instead of fighting the government should be working together to see how everyone would have quality healthcare. The issues are not the problem but political parties are the problem. “Tired of the Bull …show more content…
Health Care- a patient-centered and quality-focused health care program created for all US citizens via Medicare program that provides quality care and puts the people first. It would allow the patient to chose in or out of network so they are able to keep their health care provider. This would seem to be a right of a citizen. The provided care would consist of all forms of healing including holistic forms of care –not just pills and drugs.
2. Support of our 2nd Amendment and the rights of citizens to own firearms. The laws should be made to punish the criminals that use illegal weapons not the citizen that are doing what that are supposed to do, abiding by the law.
3. Personal Liberty-Approval of same-sex marriage law. Once citizen expressed his or her desire to marry someone of the same sex, there should not have been a debate. Personal rights of a woman wanting to abort an unwanted pregnancy the government nor a women neighbor should be able to tell her what to do. People should have the right to have the “right of their own bodies.” This would also include right to life or termination of own life if that person is in critically

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