Clean Water Case Study

Tips to freshen up your bedroom

1 . Q: I have received rapeseed oil on my mattress, how do I remove this?

Answer: Spray the stain with pure gasoline brand Griffin. Let be about 10 minutes. Take a sponge. Wash with hot water, mix in the soap. Dab with clean warm water. Press out all water with paper towels.

2. Question: The dog left behind a blood stain on my new bedding - how do I remove it?

Answer: Pour the liquid concentrated bile soap, rub a lot. Let stand about 15 minutes. Rub the back and soak with water, continue to rub until the stain is gone. Wipe with water. Press out the water using paper towels.

3. Question: My sheets have been patches of spirits pen color. How do I remove this?

Answer: Try dabbing with T-red.

4. Question:
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Question: We have young children and therefore there are spots in the bed from including leaky breasts and butts. Is there anything we can do or must dispose of it now?

Answer: Pour liquid concentrated bile soap on a damp sponge and rub sharply. Let stand about 15 minutes, rub again. Add more gall soap if you feel the need. Continue until the stains are gone. Dab lightly with water to remove all lather. Then the water from the mattress with paper towels.

7. Question: How do you remove the smell of smoke from a mattress and bed?

Answer: Wash bed with soap, water and vinegar. Wash mattress machine. Pour the vinegar into the rinse aid dispenser. Wash.

8. Question: Mattress smell of sweat. How can I remove it?

Answer: Add the mattress in a plastic bag. Set a bowl of 24% acetic acid and tie on. Let stand overnight and air mattress.

9. The son threw up on the wallpaper. Can wallpaper be cleaned in any way?

Answer: Soak the potato flour to make a thick porridge and dab at the stains. Let dry and then brush with a dry cloth.

10. I have genuine Chinese silk sheets - how should I wash them?

Answer: Wash with gentle detergent in the machine at 30
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12. Question: I have some bedding that has been in an old linen cupboard - they've got a little musty smell. I have washed at 60 degrees with detergent and fabric softener, but the smell does not go away. How should I do?

Answer: Put them in water with vinegar in, it removes mildew odor. Then wash them at 60 degrees. Leave them for a few hours.

13. Question: It smells are often trapped in my bedroom - how do I avoid it?

Answer: Open the windows and ventilate! Wash pillows and duvets every three months - and turn the mattress.

14. Question: It's so dusty in my bedroom! How should I do to avoid dust bunnies?

Answer: Vacuum under the bed - it's where all the dust bunnies gather. And mop the floor under the bed too.

15. Question: How can I best remove semen stains?

Answer: First, use cold water and detergent. Since hot water and detergent.

16. Question: Our child happened to pee in our bed - how do I remove the moisture and odor from the mattress?

Answer: Vacuum the mattress clean first, then pour the baking soda or potato flour which take up moisture. Vacuum then up all traces of potato flour or bicarbonate after it has been there for about an hour or until the stain has

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