Timothy W. V. Rochester School District Case Study

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I have chosen to discuss the Timothy W. vs. Rochester School district case. It appeared in front of the court on May 24, 1989. It was a lawsuit that was filed against the Rochester School district by Timothy W.
Timothy W. vs. Rochester School district case was ruled by the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals. It ruled that under the Education for all Handicapped Children Act; now known as IDEA, school boards were required to provide special education services regardless of how big or little the disability is. This case is centered on Timothy W. Timothy was born two months early and shortly after suffered respiratory problems. He suffered many problems after that which left him a multiply handicapped and intellectually disabled child with
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who can benefit from educational services and that deserve to have them provided. This allowed students like Timothy to get an education, which otherwise would have been impossible. Timothy W. got denied several times and was fought for to be able to get the services he could benefit from. It is unfair to deny students like Timothy the right to education. If students like him can benefit from education then there should be no choice in providing them the education programs. In my class, I will personally make sure that all my special needs students are getting the services that need to be provided for them and make sure that they feel wanted at the school to the best of my abilities. I will fight for my student’s rights and make sure that they are treated equally to the other students.
Timothy W. vs. Rochester School District was a very interesting case that proves that the laws needed to be changed. The EAHCA, now IDEA allowed for Timothy to receive his special education services. This case shows that even the severely handicapped deserve education and that they can benefit from it. This made a lasting impression for students like Timothy when it comes to education

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