Time Management: The Life Of A Manager

The life of a manager is intense and deliberate. Time management, and critical thinking is a must, for there are many facets to running a business. Stress is like the reflected image that caresses the manager daily. Though you may be a proficient leader, there are four major tools you must become one with. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, each tool must be a part of your daily work routine and the better the manager the better these tools work together.
In everything we do there is an objective, an expected end by which we make every move to lead towards that secession. Planning is that tool, by which we strategize with success being the only option. This tool is used by parents, coaches, and many other people, for we are
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Organization isn’t just papers and files, you can organize people and businesses. When making a plan you must make sure everything and everyone is in place, this takes organizational skills. Leading is job that’s not for everyone, being a good leader I believe you must be a good follower. As a leader that knows what it takes to be a follower you also learn how to have compassion for your employees. This quality builds trust between employer and employee which in many cases fosters excitement in the employees making them want to work hard for …show more content…
This was very stressful for me not having team work with my managers, this made it bad with the employees as well. I would try to make the store better improving one problem at a time, yet when I was not there the other managers would not hold them accountable, so it was like every day I was trying to fix these problems by myself. Without team work no matter how good the manager is, positive results are very hard to come by. In this position my only success would be to create a unity between my management team and myself, this in tune would also create a great work place. Team work can never be underestimated, for it’s the driving for in all facets of life, from business, sports, to at home, yes a single parent may be able to be successful in raising a child, yet both parents definitely has a better

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