Time Management : An Exercise Of Self Awareness Essay

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According to Don Farris in the article "time management: An exercise in Self Awareness", time cannot be managed rather we manage the utilization of it. He further argues that time is a human creation that is used as a measure to calculate the activity of a task. According to this article time management involves planning, goal setting, organization and establishment of good study habits. Time, self and task management is necessary for management of oneself. Planning involves predicting of future developments and coming up with strategies of how to manage these events. Goal setting is the specific, measurable, accurate, reliable and time bound objectives. They are also known as SMART goals (Farris, 2002).

Organization on the other hand does not transform to effective working. Some people may be organized but they do not meet their goals. Being organized therefore means, the act of being functional while focusing on meeting of goals. Developing good study habits involves appreciating the dynamic of goal focused behavior and circumstances that lead to one 's self optimal function. It involves understanding ways of motivation that will lead to self development and efficient achievement of goals.

Don Farris explains self management as a function of self management. He advocates that in stress management we manage the response rather than the event or issue. He also argues that the events that happen to us are not as important as how we react to the event. According to Farris,…

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