Tiger Moms Analysis

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In Annie Murphy's " Tiger Moms: Is Tough Parenting Really the Answer" article, the reader know about how mother Amy Chua raised her children in a rigorous matter to ensure that her two daughters were prepared for their future the author, Annie Murphy Paul, describes why Amy Chua, who is a Chinese mother, commonly used the parenting style of Tiger mother to treat and raise her children. First of all, Paul states that the Tiger Moms style is the most effective way to raise our children for several reasons although it has a bit harsh discipline. The moments of one of her sources was she pushed her seven-year-old daughter for several hours practicing until when she was able to play the piano perfectly. The iconic origin of this disturbing American society was none other than Amy Chua; the creator of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Amy Chua is a strict mother with high expectations so she expects perfection from her children including long hours of homework and music practice. She uses not only verbal abuse but also forces and rallies to push her children to succeed. Amy Chua has raised her daughter according to Chinese tradition that her parents are strict with their children especially in school. Amy is later known as a tiger mother. Tiger Mom is determined to be a very strict mother who makes her children work exceptionally hard and restricts their free time so they consistently achieve the highest marks. …show more content…
In addition, environments such as social, cultural, economic or political contexts require different expectations for parenting. Finally, parents are forced to raise their children by trial and error, as Chua learned to adjust to parenting. We all did something that we wanted we would do differently when the issue moved to

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