Tidal Volume Of Mental Health Recovery Essay examples

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Tidal Volume of Mental Health Recovery
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Tidal Volume of Mental Health Recovery
The study I chose to use as the framework for my EBP project was The Tidal Volume of Mental Health recovery by Phil Barker. (Alligood, 2014) I chose this one because it most closely resembled what I think should be the way all patients with mental illness are treated. The Pico question my group chose was effect of dialectical behavior therapy on relapse of bi polar patients, and this theory tends to fall right in line in the aspect that in order to prevent relapse in a psychiatric patient you must first and foremost get them to talk to you.
The tidal model was developed in-between the years of 1195 and 1997 and was first put into practice in 1998. The first two places were psychiatric hospitals locate in New Zealand where it received excellent remarks. From there it travelled all over the United Kingdom, Ireland, and japan and finally made its ways to Canada and the United States. (Alligood, 2014) The theory is based on two major assumptions. The first being that even though it may seem like it nothing can last forever; that change is always happening and people and the environment are always changing around us. This ties into our Pico questions by pointing out that even if we just talked to our patient the day or hour before things can be drastically different the next time we engage them and as relapse signs are often subtle at first it could help…

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