Tiananmen Square Massacre Essay

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The fourth of June 1989 marks the day known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. This absolute injustice was started by a group of university students that exposed deep splits into China’s political leadership. The Government enforcing military rule on the countries capital tried to forcefully suppress the protests. The protesters called for government liability, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the restoration of workers' power over industry. These young and unarmed activists occupied the square for seven weeks before the military condemned their rally.

Masses of troops with assault rifles, tear gas and tanks opened fire on unarmed civilians that were blocking the militaries advance towards Tiananmen Square, the heart of Beijing.
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These protests stretched across four hundred cities in China spanning from Cheng Du to Shen Yang. This started off as passive protests and soon became more violent with only an estimated three hundred in the initial crowd, growing to hundreds of thousands to protest against the governing party. Most of the original three hundred left voluntarily once the police had arrived but news quickly spread and crowds sweltered with posters, megaphones, banners and chants. These people put themselves in danger to stop the horror of the Communist Party.

As the streets erupted the rally turned to a riot. The protestors stormed the gates on Jinjiang but police were ready to beat off the eager demonstrators. Cars were lit on fire and protestors were repeatedly struck brutally in front of the masses. Eyewitnesses estimate two hundred deaths in the ‘Little Tiananmen’ area and another one hundred and fifty critically injured. Although unconfirmed estimates of the death toll are into the thousands.

The protest leaders were later exiled or imprisoned and many other rioters were charged with violent crimes and executed in the subsequent months. After the revolt masses of arrests were made and protests were monitored. Foreign journalists were dismissed and coverage was minimal to control the publication of this horrific tragedy. These many weeks of terror will indefinitely be remembered throughout Chinas

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