Three Patterns Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a very controversial issue in today’s society. There are many reasons why domestic violence occurs including: alcohol or substance abuse and the sense of control or power over the victim. Domestic violence can mean different things to different people, but in general the definition of it, is a pattern abusive behavior to a person by another. There are different types of domestic violence including: verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and can also be emotional abuse. All of these types can leave a negative effect on the victim and the perpetrator.
Domestic violence can occur between family members, spouses and even strangers. There are even different patterns of victimization within domestic violence
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In the study the authors concluded that less than 50% of domestic violence acts where caused by alcohol. They also believe that the perpetrators who commit the violence are violent regardless if they have consumed alcohol or not. Most perpetrators use alcohol as an excuse for their actions, and this is not actually the case.
In the article “The Three patterns of Domestic Violence in Households” the authors focus on three different patterns on how domestic violence victimization can occur. The article concludes that one-time victimization occurred in 80% of households, meaning that the perpetrator only abuses once and doesn’t do it again. Also concludes that repeat and co-occurring victimization occurred less than 20% in households, meaning that perpetrators actually abuse
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In this study the major concepts are domestic violence and alcohol. Domestic violence is broke n down in to different types such as: physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse. Alcohol can also be broken down into different types including: beer, wine, and liquor. Also violence patterns are broken down into: single victimization, repeat victimization, and co-occurring victimization.
Variables: X- Alcohol Consumption Y- Domestic violence and X- Victim Characteristics (sex, age, race, education level, etc.) Y- Amount of abuse
To gather data for this study I would use social surveys and case studies. The sample size will be 40 women and men (20 of each sex) ranging from ages 18-35 years. I will use disproportionate stratified random sampling. I will go to a lot of different women and men battered shelters and randomly select different people to interview. I plan on creating a questionnaire, asking the interviewee multiple questions such as: their age, race, sex, level of education. Also I would ask questions about their alcohol consumption and its relationship to domestic violence. This study would probably last about two months long to gather the most data

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