Threats Of Global Warming Essay

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Global warming is defined as a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, Chlorofluorocarbons and other pollutants. ( It can be argued that people have different views on the issue of global warming as to its effect which may be either good or bad. prominent believe that global warming is caused by human activities and various forms of pollution which pose a threat to our societies, while the opponents argue that it’s not a threat to our societies therefore this essay will focus on the threats of global warming and what may be done or which actions may be taken …show more content…
Some of the causes include motor vehicles emissions, combustion, mining industries, construction, soil erosion, agriculture etc. these pollutants are contaminating the air resulting to global warming. In addition these factories contributes to the contamination by burning fossil fuels for example burning coal to produce electricity. Industries also release various gases which pollutes water and air. ( It is true that pollution is really bad for people’s health therefore action that may be taken is to try to reduce the emission by educating people about the importance …show more content…
During warm weather diseases like malaria are spreading with ease, on the other hand, many people are killed by the cold-weather illnesses such as flu every year. Warm weather is safer for people especially the poor mostly elderly people because they cannot afford to buy the additional energy equipment such as heater to make the house warm. Furthermore, middle-aged men are no longer falling down because of heart attacks while lifting and throwing (shovelling) snow, motorists are no longer careening off icy highways and kids are no longer falling through thin ice (

In conclusion looking at all that has been argued above about global warming, it is evident that there are advantages and disadvantages of global warming, however, disadvantages which leads to harm and health challenges needs to be eliminated. Therefore solutions of reducing global warming amongst others are reducing the emissions, stopping deforestation, preparing for impacts and fighting misinformation.
It is believed that if people stand together and stick to these solutions of trying to make the effects of global warming less severe, then it can be concluded that global warming will reduce and people won’t suffer from pollution, diseases and safety. It is undeniable that global warming benefits all living things, which are people, plants and

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