Thoughts Concerning Identity- A Refute Essay examples

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Thoughts Concerning Identity- a refute to Dennett The Merriam-Webster online dictionary has six definitions of the word “identity.” This paper assumes definition 2a: “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual”, to be the best interpretation of what it is to be an individual and what makes someone that person. When asked “Who am I?” the thing that defines us is our identity. The word “universe” is also used in this paper and it should be interpreted as: “everything that exists.” I will argue that a human being’s identity or essence is the sum of their experiences and their actions or reactions to all of their experiences.
We should start by thinking about what makes each person different. We all look different, sound different, believe and think about different things. But if identity is who we are and not what we are, physical characteristics should have no place in true identity. This leaves us with only nonphysical beliefs and thought processes to distinguish individuals, so it could be fair to say that we are our beliefs and morals. But most would agree that our beliefs and morals, even the method by which we think and approach new information and problems is susceptible to change. To pin down identity without having it constantly changing requires us to look to the source of our beliefs, morals and thought processes. We clearly base all these off of external experiences and learning, so our experiences must play a critical role in our identity.…

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