Thorpe Park Customer Needs Evalutation Essay

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I am going to be looking at the different customer types that visit Thorpe Park and what customer needs they have and how Thorpe Park suits their needs.
First looking at the customer needs families have and how Thorpe Park meets these needs. Families with young children will need baby changing rooms for their children. Thorpe Park has baby changing rooms at nearly every toilet block and if you can’t find them they are easily locatable by looking at the parks map.
Also, families will need buggies for their children. Thorpe Park does offer buggies at a low price. However, it is first come first served. So, this means if a family turns up later than others they are not possibly going to be given a buggy. When I went to Thorpe
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He said that they provide meeting areas/rooms for meetings to be held in. This is really good because not only does Thorpe Park attract teens/young children/adults it also attracts business people, which means more people will be visiting the attraction. However, this can also be a problem for the park because it can cause overcrowdings and long queues.
Business people when in these meeting rooms will also need a projector;

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