Thomson vs. Marquis: Abortion Essay

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Thomson vs. Marquis
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_____________________________________________________________________ 3. [Likely] The fetus possesses the trait of being attached to a person against their will leaving that person the choice to remain connected to the fetus.

Thomson concludes that even though peopleseed needed your help to survive, that you are not unjust or morally wrong when it comes to aborting a fetus. Don Marquis, on the other hand, believes that abortion is wrong. He first starts by stating, that in the thought of abortion being wrong, some cases like rape or contraceptive failure, abortion during the first fourteen days is an exception to his theory. Marquis takes a stand on the fact that every fetus, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, etc. has the right to life. Unlike Thomson, he believes that the right for women to decide what happens to her body does not give her the right to kill a human. Marquis has an argument in which he believes proves that abortion is wrong by using what he calls the F.L.O. Principle. 1. Killing any human removes that human’s potential future like ours or F.L.O. 2. Abortion by definition of terms is the killing of a human fetus which removes the F.L.O. from that fetus _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Therefore, abortion is wrong

Marquis comes up with four different arguments that help

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