Common Sense Thomas Paine Analysis

The pamphlet Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine in 1776.It was signed anonymously "by an Englishman". Paine's original title for the pamphlet was “Plain Truth” but his friend suggested “Common Sense” instead.” "Common Sense," was published during the American Revolution.It is the first pamphlet to advocate American independence and to openly request freedom from British control. He told Great Britain the advantages of being independent.This pamphlet inspired colonies. Thomas Paine wrote about how the colonies deserved to be free from Great Britain He believed that if all of the colonists would come together and support the fight for liberty that liberty would be won. The pamphlet stated his opinion on the British government and …show more content…
Paine argues in biblical references that monarchy originated in sin. Paine lists specific problems with hereditary succession and the British’s king.He also talks about how in the early stages of the world everyone was treated as equals and because of many different circumstances there were now different rights everybody, even different rights for the colonists and British citizens.He shares his feelings about the current situation of America at that time. Paine tells why British rule is wrong for the future United States. Paine argued that the English government had to much power and people thought that power war spreading equally but it was not.Thomas writes “There is something exceedingly ridiculous in the composition of monarchy; it first excludes a man from the means of information, yet empowers him to act in cases where the highest judgment is required.” This means that a man can not have the information he needs to act in court cases where the “highest judgment is required”. Having a king who lived six thousand miles away just was not going to work.Because it took six months to take one command or law to America. If the king regretted a decision then it would take another six months to cancel the declaration. He thinks that after the colonists consider his statements, they will realize that separation from Britain is the only way for the American colonies to advance. Paine believes that the tyranny shown by the King of England to the colonies is an injustice. He hopes that America will be an example of freedom and democracy to others. Paine lists all of the major problems with the British political system, especially the fact that they have rulers who inherit their power instead of gaining it through a democratic

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