Thomas Money Service Business Analysis Essay example

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Thomas Money Service Incorporated Business Analysis
Leslie (Scott) McCrory
ECO/561 Economics
March 14, 2011
Facilitator David Francom
Thomas Money Service Incorporated Business Analysis
Executive Summary

Thomas Money Service Incorporated is a consumer finance company, and conducted business successfully for 71 years. The organizations primary financing services pertained to commercial real estate and business loans. In 1946, the company decided to incorporate a subsidiary business to manufacture forestry and construction equipment. The new company, Future Growth Incorporated, became the Thomas Money Service’s sole brand of merchandise. In 1951, the newfound company purchased a suitable manufacturing facility to produce its
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Profit is maximized when marginal revenue = marginal cost, and marginal cost is rising. To see why, recall that marginal revenue is the additional revenue from one additional unit. Marginal cost is the additional cost from 1 additional unit. When MR > MC, revenue is increasing faster than costs and the firm should increase production. When MR < MC, revenue from the additional unit is less than additional cost, and the firm should decrease production. As such, A firm maximizes profits when MR = MC” (Basic Economics, 2011, para. 8).
Cost Reduction Methods Many cost reduction methods are available for product manufacturing and services companies. For Thomas Money services and its manufacturing facilities, products

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