Leadership Reflection

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When it comes to being a leader there are many aspects of how you lead and the process of leading that are involved when you and your group are moving towards your goal. Being the team leader for my rotation whilst learning about different aspects of being a leader really shows you first hand how what we 're learning applies in real life situations.
In my role as a leader I have learned about my tendencies as a leader. I have learned that in order for me to be an effective leader I have to express specific instructions in detail what I need each individual to do. Through this type of leadership I have seen good results in getting things done efficiently and on time.
Sometimes as a leader you have to make decisions for the team where you are
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My interpersonal skills definitely help me to aid this. I believe through my experiences in life as a leader I have trained myself to become a leader of somewhere in the middle, being both task and relationship oriented. In a new setting with my leadership rotation I found it easy to connect with my team mates on a relationship level first to establish a base relationship with the team. After establishing this base relationship it made it a little more comfortable to have a more authoritative attitude in my leader rotation.
Through my team leader rotation I have learned that leadership isn 't just whether you are in a position of power but more how you communicate, accomplish tasks, and act in situations where you should step up and take control of a situation to benefit and those you are working with. Anybody can be a leader, you don 't have to be given a title or take control of every situation to be called a leader. Being a leader can be anything from encouraging a team mate in a soccer game to planning a business
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Every company or startup begins with a vision. And it 's necessary to have a little bit of innovation to come up with this vision. Knowing how to allocate jobs and plan is also a necessary step in the process. Planning and meeting deadlines is one of the most important things to ensure you are staying on track to accomplish steps towards your goal. Because if not everyone is on task it can set back the whole plan. That point is why it 's critical to make sure you keep everyone you 're working with motivated. That means encouragement, rewarding progress and positive

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