This Is Water, By David Foster Wallace Essay

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In his speech “This is Water”, creative writer, David Foster Wallace outlines to Kenyon College graduates of 2005, the struggles that are out there in the world. David Foster Wallace is aware that as college graduates, they have never taken into consideration the deeper aspects of life most people are not mindful of when entering the real world. It seems that Wallace, by the end of the speech, hoped to have opened the minds of these graduates and aid them in coming to realization and reality. Wallace, although being older than the graduates, reinforces to them that he may be older, he is definitely not the wise the fish or nearly as wise as the fish from the anecdote he had commenced his speech with. He does this to establish credibility or ethos with the audience and make them feel that even though he knows more, he is still learning and still faces some of the struggle he delineates. Wallace uses figurative language such as metaphors and personification, personal experiences, anecdotes and hypothetical situations/circumstances to further enhance his purpose of attempting to aid these graduates in breaking away from their idea and perspective of how they feel life might turn out for them. His intended audience is clearly the Kenyon graduate however, this speech also addresses all other college graduates who think they have it easy. Wallace begins the speech with a narrative of these “...two young fish swimming and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the…

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