Thirst Vs Reason

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“It’s obvious that the same thing isn’t going to put up with doing or undoing opposite things in the same respect and in relation to the same thing at the same time, so presumably if we find that happening in the things in question, we’ll know that they’re not the same, but more than one thing (Republic IV 436C). He then tells us how reason and desire are different. Reason is different than desire because the desire of thirst would only deal with the thirst only. If both desire and thirst acted together on the same part of the soul then when we have a desire we would never be able to stop ourselves from acting on that desire. However, he explains that one can hold back their desire for thirst, this means that reason is not acting on the same …show more content…
From this the sun illuminates visible things so that the good can be seen in them. The good is light, so the good itself does not need to be illuminated. We understand from the text that yes knowledge and truth are good virtues to have, they however are not “the good”. We can then take away that yes light and being able to see with our eyes are good to have they are not the sun. The sun can be compared to the good for both are very honorable and respectful items. The role of the Sun in the Cave: When the man first comes in contact with the sun he is blinded by how bright it is (VI.516a1). The man was taken back by the sun at first, and he must take time to adjust to the sun, he does get adjusted and then truly can understand the great meaning and power of the sun (516b10). Like mentioned above the sun represents “the form of the good” this good however is only seen in times of trouble (517b). The sun is bigger than anything that is in exists in the intelligible realm. The sun is like the good in the fact that it is the cause of all beautiful things in the visible realm. We also use the sun and the good to provide us with the truth and understanding that we need when we are in the intelligible realm …show more content…
Becoming is equal to the visible world. The sun is not itself coming to be (509b). The sun illuminates things and images but it itself is being rather than becoming. Being then can be seen as equal to the intelligible world. The sun is the realm of being.
Role of becoming and being in Divided Line: Becoming are those images that exist in real life which are compared to ideal forms which are in everyone’s understanding (510d). Being is those items that are not changing, examples being a perfect circle or a square which are both unchanging. He then says that all objects can be compared to this ideal being (VI.510c). When we think about a perfect circle or square we have an image come to mind for they are always the same. Thus there is an ideal being for all things.
Role of becoming and being in the Cave: The sun in the Cave is the being. Northing in the cave is truly unchanging in reality (VI. 515a). Things that are real one moment like shadows, people, and obscurity may not be real in the next minute thus they are becoming rather than being. The sun is stable and it provides the seasons throughout the years. The sun is the being, for it causes for everything else and it never changes

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