Exemplification Essay: Abortion Should Be Illegal

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When people listen that a woman has gone through abortion, most of a community believe that they are heartless. For a clearer perspective, choosing abortion does not make someone heartless. So, imagine of a woman who is 27 weeks into her desired pregnancy. Who would have thought that in her third trimester, her baby would come upon some complications which would also cause the mother’s death? She will constantly ask doctors what are other possible outcomes for her baby’s survival. Doctors tell her the same thing, if she goes through the birth, they can both die, but they also offer abortion. If third trimester abortion, or overall abortion were to be illegal, the mother would have to go through a risk of death, so what is a mother to do?

Abortion has been a debatable subject matter, but when it comes down to oneself and are asked, are you pro-life or pro-choice? Abortion has been spoken about everywhere in the world; from different methods of abortion, to why women should not abort. Abortion is a pregnancy ended before the result of the birth of a child. Throughout this essay, it will be discussed whether abortion should be each person’s decision or not, whether it should be illegal or legal, and how to have an understanding for
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Instead of shutting down the whole procedure of abortion, there should be more open discussion for women who feel that abortion is there last and only option. First and second trimester abortions should not be banned because it is up to one’s decision to see what they can handle or not. Third trimester abortions should also be an open option for pregnant women. Of course, there are health risks when it comes to a third-trimester abortion. But when it’s a pregnant woman who will endure a death risk and she goes through with her pregnancy then it is on the woman’s decision. And at the end of the day, it only matters what the pregnant women

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