Third Culture, And Stereotypes

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In all honesty, as I was taking this StrengthsQuest quiz I was skeptical as to how well the results would describe me. However, as I looked at the five adjectives on my screen- Includer; Adaptability; Individualization; Communication and Empathy, I was shocked to realize that these five words described me perfectly. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been known as the “initiator” and the “communicator”. My parents would always tell me that when I was young, I would bring all my toys over to my next door neighbor and play with her for hours. Therefore, I’ve learned at a young age to accept and appreciate others around me, despite their differences. This is why I would agree that I am both an includer and communicator, because I love talking to strangers and putting myself in “their shoes.” People are interesting and we all have a story to tell. Thus, at Biola University, I know God is preparing me to step out of my “comfort zone” and to reach new goals. I can use these characteristics to help others by reaching …show more content…
Therefore, because my life has been influenced by several factors, I value individuality over stereotypes. The truth is that I may never completely fit into a certain stereotype or group. So as I have grown into the woman I am today, I am now satisfied with knowing that I am not wholly Korean, Kenyan, nor American—but I am all of them. In my Korean culture, I’ve learned to be ambitious and the value of education. Korea is my family and my inheritance of a colorful culture. While Kenya, is also my home and the mother that has taught me to fear the power and faithfulness of God. Yet, spending my high school years in an American school, I’ve found that like America I am attracted to diversity. I have learned the need to speak up for my beliefs and to take advantage of every

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