Essay about Theu.s. Should Not Allow A Free Market

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The U.S. should not allow a free market because of the factors that come along with it. One can look at this in an economic level, spiritual level, and also a personal level. Both articles list many facts that can make one choose their side. For instance, why wouldn 't one want to sell his or her organs? One would be making money and saving a life. However, when making a decision like this it can affect and individual for a long time or even one 's life. Selling one 's organs is not something that should be legalized. In the pro article it states, " donors of blood, semen, and eggs, and volunteers for medical trials, are often compensated. Why not apply the same principle to organs" (Gregory, 2011). The reason being is because all things like blood, semen, and eggs grow back; organs do not. Look at this at an economic perspective. When one 's eighteen, what is the most important thing to them? Maybe, it is getting a brand new car, going off to school? What about twenty-five? Or even forty? Times change, one never knows how something could affect one 's life. Lets say someone is eighteen and one wants to buy a new car, but doesn 't have the money for it and organ selling sounds like a good idea. Yeah maybe at the time. Therefore, what about when one is forty and has a family, and their son or daughter needs a transplant then what will one do. One never knows what the future might hold. When one reaches a certain age the dreams one had at eighteen were just what one…

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