Theu.s. Roosevelt 's Cooperative Federalism Essay

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The United States of America has had two types of governance throughout the history of the country. From 1738 to 1937 the United States used a dual federalism. In this type of federalism the powers between the state and the national government were divided. The states took care of property laws, license, commercial laws, etc. While the national government took care of the roads, tariffs, money, etc. This type of federalism government was created in order to stop one government from gaining too much power. It was created in a sense to make tensions between both of the government 's. On the other hand, the type of government we have now is known as the cooperative federalism. Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted this type of federalism. It became known as the new deal. Cooperative federalism brings together the national, state, and local governments together in order to solve common problems. The national government helps out states by giving them a certain amount of money they may need to help out the poverty in the state, and in return the national government can set up regulations that all states must follow. The states in return have also came up with block grants, and devolution which gives states the power to regulate and and decided on what to use their funding that the national government gives them. Federalism is involved in the legislature, executive, and the judicial branch in order to offer a balance in power. The legislature, also known as congress, is one of the…

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