Theu.s. Bush 's Invasion Of Iraq Essay

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Over the past century in Americas history, we have waged various wars, and military coups in our effort to spread our understanding of democracy to other nations. We seem to be the police of the world in our constant engagement in foreign sovereign nations’ governments, we want to enforce our ways of governance upon foreign nations to spread our sphere of influence. Democracy is a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting or were everyone has equal rights. American democracy is constantly being enforced upon foreign nations that do not comply with America in the political sphere. The American regimes of the last century have constantly enforced their understanding of democracy upon foreign nations by brute force, coups, and diplomacy. American foreign involvement historically has been ineffective and has lead to unforeseen consequences such as power vacuums, chronic instability, and Collateral damage. George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq and subsequent fall of Saddam caused a power vacuum. The fall of Saddam and America getting rid of the Iraqi armed forces lead to there being no centralized entity to keep the nation under control. which in turn lead to the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups across the Levant. The conditions in Iraq prior to the bush invasion where much better and safer than they are today because the central government of Iraq had control over the nation which made it impossible for groups like ISIS to arise. The Americans…

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