Theory Description Of The Personality Theory Essay

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I. Theory Description The personality theory that best explains my own personality and life choices is the trait personality theory which makes the assumption that behavior is mainly determined by relative stable personal traits which act as the fundamental units of a person’s personality. Traits therefore act to predispose a person to act in a particular way, in spite of the particular situation he/she is in. This implies that traits need to remain consistent across all situations as well as overtime, but may actually vary between individuals. The reason why individuals vary in traits is a result of genetic differences. Also referred to as psychometric theories, they pay an emphasis on the measurement of personality through the use of psychometric tests (Allport, & Odbert, 2016).
The theory answers the question: if somebody solicited you to depict the identity of a close companion, what sort of things would you say? A couple of things that may spring to brain are engaging terms, for example, active, kind and collected. These speak to attributes. What precisely does this term mean? A trait can be considered as a generally stable trademark that makes people behave in certain ways. The attribute way to deal with identity is one of the major hypothetical regions in the investigation of identity. The characteristic hypothesis proposes that individual identities are made out of these expansive dispositions (Allport, & Odbert, 2016).
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