Theories Of Piaget 's Theory Essay

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To further understand Piaget’s theory we need to understand the term schema. The schema is ‘a cohesive, repeatable action sequence possessing component actions that are tightly interconnected and governed by a core meaning’ (Tuckman 2011, p.46). In essence, a schema is a building block of behaviour that organises information and knowledge. The schema is used to perceive new information and build upon existing knowledge. In regards to a school setting, the schema can be used as a tool for progression. The teacher can try to understand the child’s existing schema and knowledge through assessment, to then teach something new or correct the existing knowledge (schema). This can be seen as constructive, as previous schemata are being built on with new information.

The schooling system may be seen as constructive, as each year group presents more challenging knowledge and builds on previous understanding. Also in schools teachers revisit previous learning (or schema) to build on any gaps in knowledge and solidify the learning. So one can agree with Piaget’s theory that learning is constructive and requires cognitive maturation, but only to a certain extent. Learning can be constructive as children do build on previous knowledge but then the question arises whether this learning would occur as effectively without the aid of others, as this theory suggests. I believe not, for the reason that children would not learn without the knowledge being presented to them by a teacher in a…

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