Pros And Cons Of Daycare

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Children are bliss. People know that children should be taken care of, and when some children are not given the right amount of care, attention, and even education, they may not receive what they deserve and the development they go through may differ from what normal children experience. Daycare comes in handy when some parents or guardians do not have the time or vitality to deal with their children, especially with all the work they have to do throughout the day. Daycare is the nurturing of a child by people other than the child's legal guardians during daytime for supervision, care and learning (McClure, n.d., para. 1). However, there is this big question, is daycare good for children? In this group assignment, we will be learning, knowing and understanding more about psychology concepts theories about this question by analyzing the situations in the field. We hope to get close enough to reach an understanding of the question and find a mutual and rational solution for the question. We will also approach the question from various viewpoints or perspectives so that the content is not biased or prejudiced. There are many facilities providing daycare, each one having its own pros and cons (“Choosing a Child Care Provider”, n.d.). We also hope to …show more content…
“Daycare centers are more stimulating and cognitively enriching than the past,” says Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D., an investigator for a recent National Institutes of Health that found that at the age four, kids who had been in daycare did better literacy and number-skills tests (Sullivan, n.d., para. 2). However, when there are daycare centers that are not licensed and unprofessional, it makes a difference and affects the children negatively. Parents can be careless and send their little ones to daycare centers without enquiring the details and consequences. Thus, the mistakes of parents take

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