Theoretical Perspectives On The Child Development Essay examples

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Theoretical Perspectives to the study
A Bird View
This section is discussing some important key concepts and theories relate to the child development with the special focus on risk, protective factors, and resilience of the children. Most of these theories are put forth by psychologist and that has clinically experimented in different settings. For the purpose of better understanding on the theoretical perspective of this study, here explains the psycho social theories, behavior and social learning theories, biological theories, cognitive development theories very briefly and ecological system theory and resilience theory in a deep manner. All these theories emphasized on understanding of child development and to provide a better action to improve.
Sigmund Freud (psycho sexual theory) and Erik Erikson (psycho social theory) are the two notable theorist in psycho analytical theories. In his psycho-sexual theory, Freud stressed on the parent’s role in the child’s personality development by emphasizing on management of child’s sexual and aggressive drives in the first few years of the child. Whereas in Erik Erikson’s psycho social theory, he incorporate the role of societal influence and its significance into the arena of child development.
Major theorist in the behavior and social learning theories are John Watson (Behaviorism), Skinner (theory of operant conditioning) and Albert Bandura (Social learning theory)., all these theories postulates the significant role environment…

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