Context In Danny Meyer's Setting The Table

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Chapter twelve of Setting The Table by Danny Meyer is all about context and how it is the most important aspect for deciding to open a new restaurant because of how there are many different types of context to look out for. There are three main themes to the chapter which include, how saying no to an oppurtunity can benefit a person, having the right people to ask questions and receive ideas from, and how context is the most beneficial aspect to a business. The whole chapter focuses on life experiences Meyers has had and what he learned from it. He also gives a list of “Yes” questions that can help someone decide if the opportunity to expand or grow would be the right thing to do. Most importantly, he focuses on how saying no can be more beneficial …show more content…
Meyers has a Senior Team which, is a group of people that focus on different parts of operating a business and have ideas and advice on what is right to do. There are opportunities Meyers has the chance to indulge in but his team helps him realise that it could be something that would not benefit the business. There was an opportunity to open a cafe near some churches which, seemed like a good plan at first because the church would have more visitors and the cafe would have a lot of customers. Myers team helped him realise that although it is a good idea, it would not be right for their business because they do not think the employees would enjoy it or gain any satisfaction from it. It is important to consider how the employees would feel in a new business environment because Meyer focuses on the quality of the hospitality; so if the employees are not happy or gaining anything, the quality of the hospitality will not be the same. Also, if the location does not feel right, then it is harder to adjust and it could add too much stress to the employees and owner. It could cause stress because travelling to different locations all the time can take away from the experience and from your personal life. Communication with your team is important because it opens everyone's mind to new ideas and even though there can be conflict, finding common grounds can benefit everyone which benefits the

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