What Are True Friends In Julius Caesar

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True friends stand by one another no matter what. However in some situations, true friends end up hurting the people they care about the most, as seen in William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar. The play, Julius Caesar, has two characters named Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus. Caesar and Brutus were considered to be true friends. Caesar has a big head and loves to be in power. Brutus however cares for people and puts others before himself. Caesar has the chance to become king of Rome, but Brutus knows what type of king Caesar would become. Brutus knows that Caesar is not what would be best for the people of Rome and decides the only way to stop him from becoming king of Rome is to stab him and he does it. Brutus then tries to convince the people of Rome that he did it for them during his speech at Caesar’s funeral and also invites a man named Mark Antony to ask as well. The people of Rome are very indecisive in their decision about if Caesar should have died. Even though Brutus is able to reach the people of Rome ethically, Antony does a better job stating the truth and establishing emotional connection with the people of Rome.
Because Brutus was considered to be such a great well-known man, he is able to establish good ethos. Romans trust and believe Brutus. One reason they think so highly of him is because he has never given the people a reason not to trust him. At the end of his speech Brutus states, “believe me for mine honour, and have respect to mine honour” (3.2.3-4). Brutus wants the people to know that
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In the play, Julius Caesar, people are greatly influenced by other people’s thoughts and opinions. Because of their indecisiveness, the people are susceptible to both the true and false facts. Antony has an easier job of convincing the people that he is right because he was not involved in the act of

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