Theft on the Web Essay

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I use the Internet on a daily basis chatting with friends, family, researching information, and playing games. I never considered myself to be at high risk of identity theft, even though I’d been warned about hackers. I was cautious about opening unfamiliar emails and social websites. I assumed I was taking all the necessary steps having software that would protect my computer from viruses, which in return would protect me. I would soon learn what the impact of being a victim of identity theft would be first hand, and how it would affect my job, my means of living, and my outlook on the internet.
To illustrate my experience of being victimized by identity thieves, it all began with a terrifying phone call. The distinct voice of the
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Shortly after doing so I received a call at work, I immediately recognized the distinctive voice from the man that had been harassing me for weeks. Without thought, I yelled at him, “I know you are bogus, Do not contact me again!” He responded, you are bogus and immediately hung up. I scurried to my manager’s office, trying to avoid any unnecessary attention. I proceeded to tell him my story from the beginning; I could tell he was concerned for me by the alarmed look on his face. He told me to call the police, without hesitation a police officer immediately came to my work to make another report. I told the officer, “I know the man on the phone obtained my information from the internet, because he has my IP address, and I also had found similar stories online from several people receiving harassing phone calls from the same numbers”. The officer told me to continue to keep a record every time the man called, and he proceeded to leave. As I shamefully toddled back to my boss’s office, I could feel my coworker’s eyes watching me. (Thinking to myself, why is this happening, not only at home but now here?) As I entered his office, he was sitting there with a perturbed look on his face; he began to tell me, he had spoken with the individual harassing me. The man told him I was a crook that would be going to jail, and he should not need an employee like me. My manager emoted; he

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