The 's Automatic Door - Original Writing Essay

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As my friends and I enter through Walgreen’s automatic door, the very first thing that captures our attention is the long, extensive make-up aisle right near us. We all ran to admire the wide variety of cosmetics that were offered to us. I kept on thinking what exactly I wanted to buy first. Just then, we noticed a group of boys from the next aisle snickering and pointing at us. At first, I had no idea what they were making such a commotion over until I noticed that they were pointing to all of the lipstick that I was carrying in my arms. It seemed that they considered the idea of a group of people making such big deal over makeup to be completely ridiculous. I couldn’t exactly hear all of their mumbling, but one thing that clearly stood out to me was, “that’s such a girl thing!” It then hit me at that very moment that the reason why these guys were making fun of the make-up was because of the feminine label behind it. They thought that since it was feminine, it was a product that was too beneath for them, and they certainly weren’t the only men out there who thought that way. For many years, there has been a huge stigma against femininity and anybody that’s associated with it. Whether it ranges from clothes to cosmetics or even colors, it’s guaranteed to receive some kind of negative backlash. But where could it have come from? And why does it exist? To answer these questions, we first need to trace back to our roots. The hatred against femininity stems from the gender…

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