Summary Of Anne Fausto-Sterling Dualism

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Gender should not be a Big Issue in People 's Lives
According to the "Dueling Dualism" written by Anne Fausto-Sterling, Maria Patino was a Spanish hurdler who had a special condition called "androgen insensitivity". She grew up as a woman but she was later labeled as a man by a scientific test and her life was totally changed due to this fact. (Fausto-Sterling 2013, 125-134) If I were Maria, I would definitely be shocked and surprised by this fact but I think it is a normal reaction. However, it is clear that my self-image would not be altered. Until now, I have spent my whole life and enjoyed it as a woman. I have loved some men, not a woman. Even though I had a man 's body biologically, I was satisfied with my life as a woman, so I do not
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From the class 's discussion on the topic of LGBT people, we found some good answers. If you are someone who is close to a LGBT person, such as a parent or close friend, or someone who is a complete stranger to a LGBT person, you would accept this factor and it would not be a big issue for you. On the other hand, if you are slightly acquainted with a LGBT person, it might be a problem. The cause of these differences is how people think about you. To explain further, in the former case, parents and close friends may regard you as one person and there is no gender difference. However, in the latter case, just classmates and coworkers think you as a woman or man, so if your sex change they will be confused and flurried. These factors may make the different behaviors. Maria 's situation can be relevant to this discussion. People who are close to you are more understanding of rare situations and treat you the same as they did before, and strangers might not be bothered at all. However, classmates or coworkers may feel weird, and society could reject the person such as in Maria 's case because some of them would have considered you just as a woman or man, so they would have a problem with your fact and ignore your feeling even though you are in the most difficult situation right now. Moreover, according to Lois Gould, some adults do not like people who do not have clear sex. In his

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