Zhikv Case Studies

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In 2015, a widespread pandemic of the Zika virus (ZIKV) was reported in South and Central America and the Caribbean’s as well. The principal concern associated with this viral infection is the increased incidences of microcephaly in fetuses born to mothers infected with ZIKV. As a result, World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic that is affecting many lives. This paper will examine what the virus is in detail, by looking at its signs and symptoms, and second it will look at its potential complication that is related to the virus and the transmission and diagnosis as well. Finally, prevention and treatment measures will also be reviewed in the paper as discussed below.
Zika virus has caused a global pandemic most recently.
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After the first three days in which the symptoms onset, the serum can be used for diagnosis, while urine or saliva can be utilized for testing after an incubation period of about three to five days. The advantage of serological testing is that it has the potential to demonstrate the presence of antibodies that are associated with the Zika virus. While this may be the case, the antibody (IgM) cross- reactivity with other flaviviruses can be a problem when trying to come up with a precise diagnosis that is specific to Zika virus. In most cases, many tests often confirm the presence of the virus RNA in the blood of the patient or any other body fluids such as semen, saliva, or …show more content…
As for the Zika virus, the spread of mosquitoes and their breeding is the primary factor that has to be put in place to prevent an outbreak that covers vast geographic regions (Vogel 4). The prevention and controls rely on the reduction of mosquitoes through source control such as removal and modification of the breeding sites that increase the population of the mosquitoes. Reducing contact with people and the pests also does better when it comes to reducing the spread of the virus. Primarily, use of mosquito’s repellants is a great option in the fight against the disease. The act of putting on clothing that covers areas such as the legs is another alternative that can help prevent the spread of the disease. Using physical barriers such as window screens and closing doors can contribute to the limitation of the proliferation of the virus and as for the pregnant women, they can choose to abstain from any sexual activities and couple this with sleeping under a net as a safe measure against the disease that affects them severely. Since the disease can also affect travelers, it is important that they necessitate steps that are going to help protect their lives; it is even advisable that they cancel all their trips as per the travel advisory issued by their respective

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