Essay on The Youth Fellowship Program At Excelsior Magnet

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Two years had passed since middle school best friends Lashonda Wilson and Stacy Jones went to different high schools. Lashonda liked Dunrobin High and excelled in her favorite subjects, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in classes where boys were in the majority. She questioned why more girls did not select the Sciences, and like her, enjoy setting up experiments, anticipating and examining results. Stacy liked the Sciences too, but never mentioned the classes at Excelsior Magnet. Did she continue with the Sciences? They had not communicated since they attended the nativity play, Bethlehem Revisited during the Christmas season. It was almost three months since they last spoke. Perhaps Stacy would appreciate a call over the weekend.

The girls chatted for hours and caught up on their activities. Stacy recounted her experience with Joan and Tyrone and confirmed that presently schoolwork occupied top priority for her, resulting in a 3.8 grade point average. She had been absent from the Youth Fellowship program during the winter months to prevent an asthma attack and hope to return during summer.

Lashonda, now seventeen, lost her father and only sibling in a car crash five years ago. Her uncle Vincent Wilson and her Mom survived with minor injuries. Despite Lashonda’s serious injuries, she soon recovered and regarded the recovery as a chance to fulfill her life’s purpose and an opportunity to give back to society. Since then life became difficult with Mrs. Wilson as the…

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