The Youngest Of Six Children Essays

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Allison, the youngest of six children, was born in Ohio in 1983. She was raised by both of her biological parents, in an average home. Allison never felt that she belonged within her family, and describes her relationship with her siblings as “superficial.” Her father worked long hours during her childhood, and Allison stated that she felt distant from him. She always felt strongly about her father’s distance from her family, and now believes that he did not want to form relationships with any of his children. Her mother, although never formally diagnosed, suffered from agoraphobia. Her mother was too scared to leave the house without her father, and was always sick and reluctant to leave her room.
Due to her mother’s fear of the world, Allison was sheltered as a child. The only person that she was permitted to spend time with was a neighbor named Mr. Jack. At first, Mr. Jack was inviting and nurturing, and Allison considered him to be a friend. One weekend, however, Mr. Jack sexually abused Allison. She never told anyone about the abuse because she was afraid of the possible consequences.
Another difficult hurdle that Allison was forced to overcome was her fear of obtaining a driver’s license. After Allison’s father forced her to get her licence, she was involved in two car accidents, and shortly after she refused to drive. To date, Allison refuses to drive a car, and will only take a bus, even though she fears possible bus related situations.

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