The Writing Process - Original Writing Essay

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The Writing Process
According to Don Murray (1972), “The writing process itself can be divided into three stages: pre-writing, writing, and rewriting” (p.2). the statement is true for most American students today. But Writing can be challenging due to a different personality, background, and culture. For someone like me, a student for whom English is not the first language, it is often difficult to know the correct format and really express your true understanding of what you’re reading. I remember my English teacher used to talk about what the writing process meant, and I never understood until this day. Murray’s breakdown of the writing process is straight forward and much easier to understand.
Pre-writing is the most important principle of the writing process. First I need to set aside enough time to think about the prompt and really understand it. If I have a while before the paper is due, I never start right away. My friends called it procrastination, but under pressure is when I work the hardest. I started from basic ESL classes, where I learned about pre-writing. The most interesting part of pre-writing to me is that helps expand your understanding and helps organize your ideas. It is the planning phrase of the writing process, the idea and organization are important in the pre-writing process. For example, as a student, the pre-writing is the easiest part of the essay for me. It is a hasty draft that helps me to come up with better ideas, the writing covers a…

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