The World 's Best Son Essay

1075 Words Jul 1st, 2016 null Page
Parents always want their kids to be the best to their ability; it’s their job, however, that’s not always the easiest job in the world. It deeply destroys them. Children do countless mistakes that unfortunately disappoint their parents, and most of the time they don’t intend to. The first step to becoming the world’s best son/ daughter is throwing a tantrum in public. Every child throws a tantrum; no matter their age, every parent can guarantee that their kids throw tantrums if they don’t receive what they want. When they drive to the store, and the daughter sees the new My Little Pony season 6 collection, or if their son sees the new Call of Duty; Modern Warfare edition, they need to cry and scream as loud as their little lungs allow them to until their parents agree with them. They need to make sure other parents are aware of the situation so that they know how well their taught them to scream and whine. Also, the other parents notice that they don’t conform to what their parents allowed to give them, which proves that their parents taught them to not give up when they truly desire something. The next step is arguing. As children grow older, they hit the “rebellion age,” which means consistent arguing. When the parents yell at them, the improper way to respond to this situation would be if they just sit there and listen to their lecture. The parents will think they don’t understand or pay attention to what they tell them. The correct way to react to that…

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