The World War II ( Wwii ) Essay

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Japan is considered a “victory” in the Cold War because they believed in the United States to keep Southeast Asia from becoming communism by becoming an “Allied” with the U.S. and fought with them to contain the communists from spreading. Another reason is to regain their country from the nuclear explosion by surrendering to the U.S. There were two groups that are fighting against each other during World War II (WWII): the Axis power (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria) versus Allies (U.S., Britain, France, China, Belgium, etc.). As stated in the American Promise, the Allied forces are preparing for the final assault on Japan by testing their secret weapons between 1942 and 1945. When Truman heard about the successful bomb test in Germany while he is negotiating with Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, Truman realized that the atomic bomb could hasten the end of the war with Japan and saw no reason not to use it against japan if so would save American lives (Roark, 775). He first issues a final offer to Japan whether they should surrender or face the consequences. When Japan failed to respond by the deadline, Truman ordered the atomic bomb to be dropped in Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan finally surrenders and the Allies took over; American allies resulted that the atomic bombs is a dangerous weapon after testing on Japan (775-776). So that’s part of the reason why Japan became allied with the U.S. and believed their “victory” in the Cold…

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