The Treaty Of Versailles: The Failure To Create Peace After World War II

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The world has seen many wars, none of them were as greatly catastrophic as World War II; question is, what caused this catastrophe? World War II has quite a few causes, main cause being the failure to create peace after the First World War through the Treaty of Versailles (Traité de Versailles) which was only benefiting the “big three”.
The Treaty of Versailles is a peace treaty that was put into place at the end of World War I to ensure that there would be peace between the countries involved. This treaty mainly involved Great Britain, United States, France and Germany even though Germany was banned from making any negotiations. The Treaty of Versailles was created for these nations to have peace with each other after the war, but the treaty didn’t create tranquility due to it not being fair for the German side and was rather penal.
The Treaty of Versailles was unfair from the beginning, Germany was completely banned from the negotiations. The “Big Three” Great Britain, United States and France are the ones to negotiate the conditions of the Treaty, this was done for the winning nations own
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Germany after this Treaty also had very harsh restrictions towards its military, by limiting them. This restriction is shown on article 160 which states “…the total number of effectives in the Army…must not exceed one hundred thousand men.” Then articles 168-170 restricts the German military forces even more, this limits the number of weapons Germany can hold as a nation, it states “German arms, munitions and war material…in excess of the quantity allowed must be surrendered to the Governments of the Allied and Associated Powers.”. Article 169 condemns the import and export of weapons to and from Germany, “Importation into Germany of arms, munitions and war materials of every kind shall be strictly prohibited.” And article 170 extinguished the

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