Turning Points Of Ww2 Essay

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UE6: World War II

What caused World War II?

The instability bubbled in Europe due to the first World War, which happened to last from 1914 to 1918, set the stage for another international conflict: The Second World War. This war broke out almost two decades compared to the first, and has proven to be more catastrophic. The war could have alternatively be obviated in the first hand, but failed due to the League of Nations. The League of Nations was an universal organization that was set-up in 1919 to conserve the peace within countries of the world. The group intended the idea of negotiation in preference to resulting in force when disputes flare up. If unsuccessful, countries would stop trade and hostility would incline dramatically. The
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In the summer of 1940, as an effort to try to “close” the Western front, Hitler bombarded France using the Blitzkrieg method of invasion. After that, he pursued to surpass Britain in an air campaign, enable to invade the British Island. An air battle was fought between the German Luftwaffe, the German air force campaign, which carried out protracted bombings throughout the prominent cities, sweeping the British air force base. Britain, using radar to scope out impending aerial attacks and the Enigma to decode secret messages of plans of attack, the Nazis failed to invade Britain. From this the battle, the significance it served was that it was a signal that Germany can be defeated. Overall, Britain’s victory sparked hope into other countries of putting an end to the Nazis. Hitler himself was surprised by the British’s win, and decided to pull the air force. This loss put a damper on his master plan, though still diverted his attention to his goal. The original plan was to obtain Poland and then move to Russia with its endless resources, but then everything changed. Hitler would have been able to take over the world, if it wasn’t for

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