The Ethnic Cleanse Of Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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The "Shoah"

Ethnic cleansing is the mass killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society. From 1941-1945, the world witnessed one of the most atrocious acts of ethnic cleansing; this cleansing cultivated the infamous name of “The Holocaust”. Adolf Hitler led Germany into the organized extermination of Jews for these four years. In the United States, today, classrooms across the nation spread awareness of this despicable time period in human history. Though, shockingly, the country that actually enacted this horrendous event has refrained from maintaining discussion about it whatsoever. In this essay, we will attempt to further delve into war torn Germanic nation of the 1940’s.
The Holocaust, or in Hebrew known as the “Shoah”, was the systematical elimination of Jews across Europe. But to understand why the Jews
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One of the most significant factors was the treaty that ended World War One, the treaty of Versailles. The treaty demanded that war reparations be given to the opposing countries because of Germanys actions in the war, which led to Germany having to make the decision to borrow money from The United States in order to pay the Germans tremendous debts. This treaty caused Germany to accumulate such a large debt, which left the German economy to be susceptible to the Great depression of 1929. Due to the fact that Germany’s economy was based mainly on foreign capital, most of which were loans from America, it was no surprise that Germanys economy was sent into a tailspin. But the treaty of Versailles didn’t only hurt Germany financially, but psychologically as well. The treaty of Versailles had a war guilt clause, which robbed Germany of territory along with the right to have a true military. Due to Germany’s crippled economy, and humiliated citizens the future seemed bleak. The remnants of the country were vulnerable; Adolf Hitler knew this was his

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