The Four Main Causes Of World War II

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According to John D. Clare, the four main causes for World War Two were the Treaty of Versailles did not solve the problems that it needed to address, the League of Nations was not able to keep the peace after the First World War, the attempts to appease Hitler translated into aggression by Hitler, and Hitler was an expansionist. These four main reasons led to the demise of the League of Nations, the freedom for Germany to do whatever they wanted without consequences, and ultimately these reasons brought Germany it’s Third Reich and the creation of the Holocaust under Adolf Hitler.
The second reason, the League of Nations being unable to keep the peace, comes from a variety of reasons. The first, and maybe the most important reason for the
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On March 12, 1938, Hitler sent his illegal German army to Austria. The very next day, Austria voted to form a union with Germany, creating one large state. Jews and Roma (Gypsies) were not invited to vote for this decision. Hitler then threatened to start a war in Europe if his demands for the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia were not met. There was a conference held, without an invitation to Czechoslovakia, between Germany, Britain, and France. This was known as the Munich Conference. After the conference, Britain and France heavily advised Czechoslovakia to give into Hitler’s demands, and this gave control of the Sudetenland, and eventually all of Czechoslovakia, to the German Reich. Hitler’s next demand came in the form of Poland. Hitler really wanted Poland, and this is where the British and French governments had said enough is enough. The British and French assured Poland the integrity of their territory against any German aggression. Hitler made up his mind and attacked Poland regardlessly. This led to Europe being on the brink of war in the late summer of 1939.
There definitely could have been measures taken to avoid World War II. When Hitler first started to publicly (and according to their probation, illegally) boast their army of over 500,000, the British and French could have intervened then. Another time that war could have been avoided was when Hitler invaded the Rhineland. Britain should have helped the French in eliminating the Germans then, when they did not have the Italian aid they would eventually

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